AssembleX is a conservative media brand that promotes and supports constitution-based engagement among citizens in communities throughout the United States.

We are presently using the X platform and Spaces feature. Our plan is to add every state in the country. Please visit our States page to see the current status of accounts and requests.

If you are currently on X, please follow @assemblexstates for updates or check back here to see if your state has been added. If you do not have an account on X, please visit our Using X page for information and guidance on creating an account and using the platform.

Our mission is to bring conservative citizens in each state together to promote and affect positive change for their communities.

Our vision is a country that has retaken and re-instilled conservative, constitutional values.

Spaces Replays

Main Account – December 4, 2023 – Ambassador Richard Grenell

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Audio Replay

AssembleX : Idaho (launch), November 15, 2023

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Audio Replay